Remember I told you that Peach is very aggressive and is hard to handle sometimes?  Well, with one person she is not like that at all.  There is a guy that works with Peach who (her quote) "can make her knees quiver."  We will call him knees. Sorry, I don't feel that creative tonight.  Anyway, Peach met this guy the day she interviewed for the job.  Peach walked into the office exactly four years ago today.  She was dressed in a beautiful Armani suit (with a side of baby drool).  Stunning black and red pumps. Her hair had just been done at one of the top salons in the area.  Peach wanted to make a good impression, and she knew that there were other younger women that were going for the same position.  She walked into the office and knees was sitting at the front desk filling in for the secretary.  For the first time in her life Peach was speechless.  One look at him, and she didn't even remember her name. To be continued....
Peach is a really great person, but it definitely takes some time to warm up to her.  She is "the boss": at work, at home, at her gym class, etc.  There has not been a day where Peach has not pissed someone off with her attitude.  Don't get me wrong, I know I have attitude also, but I know when to curb mine.  Peach is still working on that concept. It all began in high school.  Peach was very popular.  Like I mentioned before, she lived the life of one big cliche'.  Her boyfriend back then ended up being her husband, she was on the honor roll, the cheerleading squad, the spirit committee.  She had it all, but admits that she took it for granted.  After high school she went to college.  Her boyfriend told her that he would wait for her, but rumor has it, he didn't really wait (if you catch my drift).  She can't be mad about that because she didn't "wait" either.  In fact, she enjoyed the company of many men during those cold, winter nights.  Her boyfriend went to school to be a plumber, while she went to school for business. Sadly, tragedy struck his life, and both of his parents were killed in a horrific car accident.  Peach knew that she had to be with him, and be supportive, so she finished her degree at the college in town.  This was where all the possibilities in her life seemed to diminish, in her mind.  She knew there would be no traveling to Rome, no kissing on the Eiffel Tower, no sipping Pina Coladas in the Caribbean. Settling down was starting to set in.  A year later, the plumber asked for her hand in marriage.  She accepted, and within a year their first son was born.  Soon after that, their second son was born.  The best part of Peach's day is going to work.  We will get to why a little later.


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    July 2010



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