It continues... 07/11/2010
Red waited days for Brazil to call.  She paced back and forth worried that maybe she wrote down the wrong number, or maybe he had lost it.  At one point I got the frantic phone call that went like this:
Red: Hi
Me: Hi
Red: I still haven't heard from Brazil.  What if he wasn't into me?  What if he met someone else? What if...
Me: Stop right there. You can't make yourself crazy. If it's meant to be, he will call you.
Red: I don't like your answer. Change it.
Me: I am going now. Don't stress. He will call.
Red: He better. I bought a new outfit for the occassion.
Me: Do I want to know how much that set you back?
Red: 500, but it's so worth it.  It has easy access zippers everywhere.
Me: Wow, so you waisted 500 dollars on an outfit that probably won't last you through dinner?
Red: You bet.
Me: You're something else.  Keep me posted.

A few more days went by and I was beginning to think that he wouldn't call.  Of course, I have been wrong before, and I was this time as well.  Brazil called Red all in all about a month later....To be continued....
How they met... 07/08/2010
Before Red met Mr. Brazil, she was as independent as they came.  Had her own apartment, her own car, and was a cocktail waitress at a nearby casino.  That's actually how she met him.  Mr. Brazil was sitting at the blackjack table flirting with anything in a skirt (can you tell I didn't like him from the start).  Red came over to him and asked if he wanted something to drink.  His line was, "as long as you will join me, and it doesn't have to be here." Blah, gag me.  I would have probably given him the finger, but he had Red from there.  She brought him his Vodka Martini, and slipped her number on the cocktail napkin.  She was totally into him. How do I know?  From the immediate phone call I received as she was on her way home.  She was so excited.  She didn't know his name or really anything about him, but she was oh so sure she was going to marry him and have tons of little Brazilian babies.
First Post! 07/08/2010
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