Parents 07/11/2010
Today I would like to to address the idiot parent.  Who would that be, you ask?  It's the parent that lets their kid scream and throw fits throughout the entire store.  It's the parent that says in a soft voice, "come on sweetie, please stop that."  Dumb ass, the kid is yelling, do you think they care hear what you are saying?  There is a phrase that I would like to introduce these parents to, and that phrase is DISCIPLINE YOUR KID!!! I am not asking you to hit your kid, but your child should understand that you are the boss!
When you are younger, it's fun saying that you have a lot of friends, but when you are older shouldn't that novelty wear off?  I have noticed random people wanting to be my friend on facebook.  I haven't talked to these people in months, years, or ever.  Just because we went to high school together does not constitute you as my "friend".  Are we going to have lunch?  Are you going to come over and hang out?  The answer is no.  You want to be my friend for one of two reasons.  Reason number one: you need to feel good about the increasing number of friends you have on Facebook.  Reason number two: you want to stalk me and see what I have been up to.  Either reason does not make sense.  So random Facebook friend, please get a life and learn what actual friends really are.
Sorry if some of you are not sports fans, but I had to post something about the "king."  Sadly, I am not talking about Elvis, but I am talking about the self-proclaimed king, Lebron James.  There is all this hoopla surrounding which basketball team he will choose to play for in the next season.  It's become so crazy that sponsors are fighting for air time on his 9pm press conference.  Yes, you read that right...9pm press conference.  I will give him some credit, at least the proceeds from the ads are going to the Boys and Girls Club.  Other than that, this is ridiculous.  Owners have been trying to entice him with gifts, incentives, etc. to come to their team.  Forget the fact that he is already a millionaire numerous times over.  I had to get my opinion out there...get over yourself LeBron!
Is it just me, or is it sometimes really comforting to hear a particular song? I know that I have certain songs that remind me of a great time in my past, a memory I don't want to lose, or a person I never want to forget.  Then there are those songs that we wish we never heard again.  You know what I am talking about, the songs that you thought were a good idea to use as "your" song with some dude that turned out to be a complete loser.  How many of us can name at least three of those types of songs? 

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