Introducing My Friends...

This is the page where I introduce the three friends that I will be blogging about.  Each friend will be known by color, this way I can try and protect their identities. Enjoy delving into their lives...I know I do :) 


This friend will be known as the color peach.  Why you ask?  Well, she does a great job trying to show  the world that everything is "peachy" in her life.  As you will see though, life is not always what it seems to be.  Peach is married with two kids, the dog, the white picket fence, all in the land of the suburbs. She married her high school sweetheart.  Yes, they were the grossly cute couple in high school that you would always hate.  Here comes the cliche' (of course, you knew it had to be there)...she was a cheerleader, and he was captain of the football team.  They went their separate ways after high school, but connected again after college.  Peach works for an insurance company, and her husband is a plumber.  Introducing Peach.


This friend will be known as the color Red.  She is a feisty, angry one, but I guess that is what a bitter divorce will do to you.  Unfortunately, that is what red is going through.  She was married to a very exotic Brazilian man.  Things seemed perfect with them, but we know how that story usually goes.  Red and Mr. Brazil had a beautiful apartment in the city.  Fully furnished with the most expensive furniture money could buy.  I don't know why they even had the apartment, they were never around.  He was some hot shot international business guy that would take her all over the world .  This was a great gig for her (and any girl for that matter), traveling around the world with your gorgeous, rich husband.  Her job was to make sure he was happy, so an actual 9-5 job was never in her plans. Here comes the part why they are getting a divorce. One night he came home and decided he "just didn't want to be with her anymore", and for her "not to worry, because she could have the apartment." That's right ladies and explanation beyond that ( at least for this section of the website). Introducing Red.


This friend will be known as the color Green.  I chose green because it's kind of a male color, and it symbolizes money.  This friend is both male and has a good amount of money; I guess you have to when you are a professional athlete.  Green has been my friend longer than any of the other colors.  We have known each other since elementary school, but it has always been strictly a friendship.  Green is an amazing guy, but has not had luck in the long term relationship department.  Of course he gets the groupies, but they are not the real deal that he is looking for.  His goal, at this stage in the game, (like my sports reference?) is to find a woman to settle down with and have a family.  He knows that his professional career won't last forever, so he is starting to feel the pressures of meeting that special someone.